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Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service Arbitrators Institute
Harvard Kennedy School of Government Program for Labor-Management Cooperation

Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
American Arbitration Association
Washington Public Employment Relations Commission
Oregon Employment Relations Board

Building productstelecommunications; chemicals; waste disposal; construction; education; transportation; trucking; childcare; healthcare; maritime activities. Federal Agencies: Bureau of Prisons; Army; Navy; Department of Energy; Army Corps of Engineers; Small Business Adminstration; Social Security Administration. State and Municipal: Employment Security; Ferry System; Department of Corrections; Mental Health; Port Operations; Public Works.

Arbitrability; interest arbitration; contracting-out; conduct (off-duty-personal); discipline (discharge and non-discharge); performance; discriminations based on gender, union affiliations/activities; official time; hiring practices; job posting/bidding; technology and work, processes management rights; safety/health conditions; seniority; union security; working conditions/work orders; violence or threats; disciplinary transfer; grant/contract employees; environmental differential pay; retaliation; public employee furloughs. Federal Sector: Official time; performance programs; termination; premium pay;prevailing party/back pay.

CURRENT PRIVATE PANELS: Social security Administration and American Federation of Government Employees; State of Alaska and Inland Boatmen's Union; Oregon Education Association Fair Share


Grievance Arbitration: $1400 per diem per day for hearing, research, analysis, and preparation of opinion and award.  Time spent on paperwork required by a party for payment (beyond a W-9) will be billed at $250 per hour (one half-hour minimum) to the party requesting it.

Mediation, Interest Arbitration: $175 per hour for all time spent (except for first hour of pre-hearing or pre-mediation telephone conferences), with a 4-hour minimum fee for each hearing or mediation session.

Cancellation Policy: For labor arbitration cases, $1400 is billed per scheduled day of hearing if notice is received less than a month prior to the commencement of the scheduled hearing unless the parties substitute another matter for the same period. Cancellation charges levied by hotels or airlines resulting from hearing postponement or cancellation will be billed as incurred. The cancellation fee is shared by the parties unless they have agreed otherwise.  

Travel: Travel time is not billed for hearings held within the Seattle and Portland metropolitan areas. Travel time is billed, prorated,  at half the per diem rate. 

Expenses: Billed at actual cost for transportation, food, lodging, and incidental expenses. Mileage is charged at the applicable IRS rate.  
Attorney, Arbitrator, Mediator

Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS):

American Arbitration Association (AAA):

Washington Public Employment Relations Commission (PERC):

Oregon Employment Relations Board (ERB):

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The employer appropriately applied the contract's seniority clause. 

An existing past practice was applied to clarify an employer's process for scheduling employees.​

The employer had just cause to discipline the grievant.

An employee's discharge was converted to a substantial suspension.​