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Anthony D. Vivenzio

Tony Vivenzio ®
540 Guard Street, Suite 220  Friday Harbor, WA 98250
Attorney, Arbitrator, Mediator
   Anthony D. Vivenzio arbitrates labor and employment cases in the Western United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. In addition to a wide range of private sector industrial cases, he frequently hears matters in the federal, state, and municipal sectors, their subdivisions and agencies. Years of experience as a civil and criminal litigator inform Mr. Vivenzio’s analysis of witness testimony, factual investigations, documentary evidence, and argument. During different periods in his private law practice, he has provided training and representation to employers as well as labor organizations. This uncommon background equips Mr. Vivenzio with a unique perspective on the interests of both parties, furthering a balanced approach to arbitration. Being educated by the parties concerning the nuances of a case will be welcome, and each party will be fully heard.

     Prior to entering arbitration practice, he appeared before a variety of forums, including Washington’s Public Employment Relations Commission and the National Labor Relations Board. Mr. Vivenzio has also been active in a number of labor and management collaborative efforts. Drawing upon training at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, he co-chaired Seattle’s “Super Committee” in an initiative, cited by the Department of Labor, which saw millions of dollars saved in the Seattle workplace, and facilitated a joint collaborative strategic plan for a municipality’s public safety program. In service to his home community, Mr. Vivenzio has facilitated developmental planning for the local town council and a number of charitable organizations. A professional mediator certified by the University of Washington School of law, he develops and conducts conflict resolution classes for students at Spring Street School in Friday Harbor, Washington. Within the profession, Mr. Vivenzio is frequently sought as a speaker, with presentations to conferences sponsored by the American Bar Association, the Labor and Employment Research Association, the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, and the National Academy of Arbitrators.

As an adjunct to his role as an arbitrator, Mr. Vivenzio is available to provide the following services:
  • Training in effective arbitration advocacy is available to employer and labor organizations upon request. Mr. Vivenzio values experiential approaches, including “mock arbitrations,” to develop advocates’ skills. 
  • Mediation of labor and employment disputes is available upon terms that are determined in consultation with the parties based upon their needs. 
  • For parties that have not mediated in the past, Mr. Vivenzio is available to provide “pre-training” in the principles of conflict resolution and mediation.